Our Website Privacy & Terms Of Use

This policy applies to all visitors to our website and customers who have subscribed to the services we offer.

Purpose of this policy

We understand that personal protection of your information as the client or home owner is an important topic. The following document will define our privacy policy in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, No 4 of 2013. The purpose of this document is to outline how we make use of private information.

Registration Information

All visitors and clients voluntarily provide to us with their private information for Time & Away to be able to conduct business efficiently.

When the registration process is complete your information is sent exclusively to our administration department and processed depending on the query presented. We may ask you to update your personal information annually. We also may request additional information regarding times and dates and destinations that may be regarded as sensitive information. We make use of this information exclusively for smooth running of our services.

Internet Statistics

We make use of analytics to read better insights into customer browsing habits with one goal, to optimize our website useability. Our website as a result also uses cookies to store temporary visitor information that allows us to track usage.

Internal Communication

From time to time we may send administrative messages to you regarding our website content. You may opt-out at any time.

Information Disclosure

We may consult with authorities to check due diligence for the purposes of customer verification and are done solely for our administrative requirements. In our process we establish authenticity, billing is correct, as a way to deter fraudulent activities. All work done for Time and Away outside of our services are doing so at our request and for our benefit. We do not sell personal information or allow any companies to use your personal information for their own purposes.

We have ssl encryption running on your website offering our visitors peace of mind that none of their personal information sent electronically will the compromised or seen by anyone else other than the intended communication.

Acceptance of terms

By making use of this website you accept our terms of this policy upon registration. Only people aged 18 or above may book accommodation. If you are younger than 18 you may not make use of this website.